About Us


Committed to our Customers and our Communities

Aaroh Exim is a family-run provider of premium Gherkins, committed to delivering the freshest produce to our customers across the globe, while providing employment opportunities for local farmers in India.

We use our expertise in contract farming to build long-lasting relationships with local farmers, ensuring they receive the right support and technology, while allowing them to provide valuable input throughout the journey to sustainability. We offer continuous training to every farmer, including how to cultivate their crops, how to keep their soil healthy, and when to pick fruit according to size required.

Meanwhile, we employ individuals within the local community to process our Gherkins within our extensive facilities – including washing, grading, preserving, packaging, storing and quality control – promoting fair trade practices throughout. This way of working results in minimal product handling and a much shorter supply chain – for maximum freshness and better value for our customers, every day.


Maintaining Global Standards

Our mission is to maintain food safety standards, sustainability, fair trade, value for money for customers – all without compromising on product quality and taste. We recognise that everyone across the supply chain is impacted, from right here in India, to our partner countries across the world. From our preservatives to our working practices, we strive to meet industry standards across the globe.

Creating Connections

Although traditionally associated with European cuisine, Gherkins are fast becoming a delicacy in other parts of the world. At Aaroh Exim, we’re well connected, having worked hard to establish a strong delivery network. We use a variety of transport service providers to cater to global markets. So no matter where in the world you are – we’d love to become your preferred supplier.